Info for bookers


This is what we looked like in 1986!

We play in our own ska/rock style – we only perform our own compositions, and we never play covers!

We’re currently an eight-piece band – vocals, lead guitar, skank guitar/vocals, keyboards, bass, drums, sax/vocals, trumpet.

We have a vocal PA, and the rest of the sound comes direct from the backline. If yours is a big venue, you will need to supply a full PA or pay for us to hire one. We’re reliable and quick to set up!

We normally play two sets – one of around forty-five minutes, and one of around an hour.

To book us, click here or on the Contact link above.

Alternatively you can get in touch with Doddnaze Artists, who represent us.
Contact Dave Boardman, Doddnaze Artists, Hebden Bridge
01422 844091
0784 665 3843