RTHK On The Go

Read, listen live streams, podcasts and breaking news from RTHK radio stations.

Al bamboo plate

The new Meilian Bamboo Pan App provides the latest Hong Kong property market and property information, making it easier and faster for users to find buildings。


Deliver the latest news and news programmes produced by RTHK.

School Channel

Watch videos from your child's school.

Kumamon Photo

An exclusive Kumamoto Cafe mobile photo app, with a variety of cute picture frame and ghost sticker decoration。



Show of hands, it's that easy。


MyWorldCup is perfectly compatible with free TV, providing full coverage through the new media platform to enjoy the new experience of football matches。

RTHK Screen

Deliver live webcast of RTHK TV 31 and 32, video-on-demand (VoD), download and programme subscription features.



Events Organizer. Simple & Efficient.


Cloud-based digital content storage service from HKT.

Mark Six

Pick your perfect numbers and put luck on your side.

Soccer Infocast

Stay on top of every major league and refine your bets.