Project Description

Campus Manager

Issue Reporting and Management Tools for School

Campus Manager is a mobile-oriented issue reporting and management solution for school. It digitize the traditional paperwork into a more productive, efficient and accurate workflow. Teachers, prefects and staffs can report and follow-up issues like discipline problems or facility repair request on the mobile app. Analytics reports and comprehensive records on CMS help management leaders navigate pain points of the organization in a systematic way.

The school huitong

Campus reporting and management system

Through the mobile application and online management system, teachers, students and staff can report and follow up various incidents at any time, and work together to build a beautiful campus。Digital and mobile campus management system can save the time of traditional paper and pen transmission, avoid mistakes and omissions, but also make the problem no longer untraceable。The system will also collect data to facilitate management and teachers to keep track of campus conditions。

Functions overview

  • Report and follow up student irregularities, cleaning, maintenance and technical problems
  • Take photos and add photos and notes when reporting and following up
  • For the latest status, progress and details of the report
  • Publish and view bulletins
  • With user groups, users can set the use and browsing permissions according to the functions
  • Receive mobile notifications of new reports and announcements
  • Provide data analysis to understand the campus situation

How to manage the campus with campus Huitong?

  • Teachers and students can report cleaning or technical problems and request immediate assistance from school staff or technicians
  • The school staff can record the classes that are often messy in the classroom so that the teacher can pick up some students
  • Fengji on duty can record student violations, such as improper appearance and clothing or fighting
  • The discipline instructor may interview students according to the offending list and may deduct marks as appropriate
  • Issue a notice to fengji to inform the dress code of casual dress day
  • Send a notice to teachers and students, users will receive a mobile phone notification, convenient school communication
  • The class teacher may view reports of the responsible class, such as equipment damage, cleaning problems or student violations
  • From the data, the principal can be informed of school violations, school work affairs and equipment maintenance